The Other Side of the Unemployment Line – Update #2

January 19, 2011

It has now been just over two weeks since I officially kicked off my job search and things are heating up.  I have a couple of promising leads but nothing definite.  I’m eternally grateful for all the help and support I continue to received.  You guys are awesome!

I do have a little bone to pick though.  My beef is with a few recruiters – not all, but a few that I have interacted with over the past several months – even before I was really job hunting.

Let me start by saying, again, that I have had some level of recruiting responsibility in every role.  I know what it is like to post a job, get 1,000 resumes within 30 minutes and have to figure out how to sort the good from the bad.  I have no expectation of communication from recruiters when I apply for a job.  I completely understand that they will probably only communicate to me if  they want to interview me or when they send out their blast email rejecting all left in their inbox.  I completely understand it and am fine with it.

That’s when I apply.  When a recruiter initiates contact with me however, that is a different story.  Several times over the last few months, I have had recruiters reach out to me on Linkedin or through my resume posting on Careerbuilder with a job lead.  They send me a job description and ask me if I am interested.  I respond yes and send a copy of my resume and cover letter.  They reply back and say that they will call me the next day to talk more about the position, some of them even set up specific times for us to chat.  AND. THEN. NOTHING.  No call, no email, they go radio silent as if they have dropped off the face of the earth.  Sometimes we will have several days worth of email exchanges before they disappear.  Every time I will send one final email or leave one final voice message that says, “I’m still here, what’s going on” and get no reply.  What gives?  When a recruiter initiates contact, I do have an expectation of follow-up.

There are several legitimate reasons why they may want to end their communication with me.

1.  Maybe they lied and didn’t really have an active opening, but wanted to just get my resume on file.
2.  Maybe their original email was a blast email and they found someone more qualified through that process.
3.  Maybe something in my email/voice communication led them to believe I would not be a good fit personality wise

All of those are perfectly legitimate in my book – well maybe not the lying, but you know what I’m saying.  Here’s the deal though.  I’m a big girl, just tell me.  You are not going to hurt my feelings.  I am not going to hound you for days or weeks after trying to get you to change your mind.  I will drop it as quickly as you do if you are just honest.  Instead of taking the very easy route of silence, just tell me where we are.  If you found me, initiated contact and started to develop a relationship with me, I think I deserve at least that. Closure, it’s that simple.

So here is my compromise.  If I submit to a job you have open and you do not think I am a good fit, you never have to say a word to me in any format.  If you reach out to me first, however, I want closure.  I think that’s fair.


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