The Final Step in the Recruitment Process – New Hire Orientation

January 24, 2011

Companies spend thousands of dollars each month recruiting top talent.  They go to the ends of the earth (or the ends of the internet) to find the best of the best.  If they feel that a hire is worth the money, they will spare no expense in wining and dining to get that yes upon offer.  The potential employee will meet with a countless number of people and be given the best sales pitch available as to why they should join Company X.  That potential employees then becomes an employee and is so excited for day one.  They get a new hire orientation agenda and show up for work.  And then it happens.  They sit for a day, or two, or five and at least once, wonder if they have made the right decision.

So often, new hire orientation is viewed as something that has to be done to get paperwork filled out.  In reality, an effective new hire orientation should be viewed as the final piece in the recruitment process.  Sure, the offer has been accepted, but they aren’t overly committed.  A good new hire orientation seals the deal and paves the way for a good working relationship.

So what makes a good new hire orientation?  In my experience there are a few key ingredients.

  • Give the new hire something to brag about.  New hires, especially those who have been out of work, are super excited about their new jobs and want to tell everyone they know.  Why not feed those discussions with a few cool facts or success stories.  Then they can shout to everyone they know, “I got this job at Company X and did you know that they…”
  • Give the new hire face time with top leadership.  Even if their day job will never interact with the CEO, it is important that they see his/her face during their first few days.  People want to feel connected with those at the top of their organization.  Leaders should spend time with new hires and talk about stuff other than work a little too.  It establishes a sense of caring and trust that every employee longs for.
  • Give the new hire something to be excited about.  If your company is launching a new product or strategy in the next year, tell them.  If there is big news that most of your other employees know, make sure it is shared with the new hires as well.  Again, it makes them feel connected.  Connected employee’s stay with their employer’s.
  • Give them Q&A time.  There is nothing worse than a new hire orientation where someone vomits information for hours or days with no interaction.  New employee’s have questions and allowing them time to ask and receive answers will go a long way in making them feel appreciated early on.

There are countless ways to make a new hire orientation effective, but these few simple ingredients make a great base for any program.  Is it time to revamp your new hire program?


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