The Other Side of the Unemployment Line – Update #3

January 27, 2011

So I’ve been a little narcissistic this week.  I’ve been reading great recruiting blogs like Boolean Black Belt and Norton Folgate: The Recruiting Unblog, both of which give amazing advice on how to be found by recruiters.  I have become obsessed with changing my Linkedin profile and my online resumes to see which format and which key words change how I show up in search results.

At first, I just googled myself.  Baker is a pretty common last name, but Sabrina is kind of unique so I had no idea what would come up.  My Linkedin profile and Twitter account was found on pg 2 of my search results.  Not too bad I guess.  I then went to Bing and did the same thing.  My Linkedin profile popped up as the second link – I was so excited.  Then I realized that most employers do not think, “Hmm, I would like to hire someone named Sabrina Baker so I’m going to google that name.” So searching my name meant very little.

Then I dug in a little more.  Doing some very simple boolean search techniques, I searched by words that I would hope to be found by: recruiting, talent acquisition, human resource director, PHR etc.  I was very sad to see that most of my searches did not produce my profiles anywhere on the first several pages.   Then I did the same thing on Linkedin.  Very, very sad with my results.

So, now I’m obsessed with improving how I show up in search results.  I have tweaked my LI profile several times and think I’m getting there, but still have a lot of work to do.  I’m making it more keyword rich, ensuring I have good connections and recommendations and participating as much as possible in my groups.

It’s all a work in progress, but the cool thing is I’m learning so much along the way.  I know more about searching than I ever did and those skills will certainly come in handy with my next role.  Which by the way, nothing affirmative yet, but some strong leads in the pipeline…….

I’ll keep you posted.


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