The Other Side of the Unemployment Line – Update #4

February 3, 2011

Last week my sweet boy turned one.  This week Chicago experienced the third largest snow storm in its history.  Between a 1st birthday party that could rival something you would see on My Super Sweet 16 (complete with car pictured below) and the snowpocalypse (or Blizzard 2011 as it’s known in the media), I have not been job searching much.  I really do not have much of an update to give.

As I sit to type this though, the thought does occur to me that I am very lucky to be in the position I am.  I am able to engage in a very relaxed job search.  While I want to and am ready to work, I am not in a position where I must have something now.  I can take my time, apply only to jobs that really appeal to me and even take days off from the job search if I want.  I am blessed to be in this position.

So many Americans do not have this luxury.  They are out of work and need something now.  They have bills piling up and unemployment running out.  They spend each day treating their job search as their job.  They have revamped their resume no less than fifteen times.  They desperately check their email and Linkedin accounts every morning hoping for some glimmer of hope.  They have faced more rejection than they ever wanted too in their life, but they keep trudging on as if their life depended on it – because it does. Their job search takes no breaks due to birthday parties or snow, they must find a job at all costs.  They are in a desperate situation and getting more discouraged by the day.

So this is what I’m thinking about tonight.  Yes, I want a job and yes I can spend all of my time helping myself, but what about others? What about those who are in a different situation, who need it more?  What can I do for them?  How can I help? Hmmm…..


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