I’m breaking the rules and writing this in 1st person….yep, an HR professional breaking the rules.  Watch out world.

I firmly believe that more often than not the human element or Humanity effect is left out of the workplace.  A focus on relationships could shift an entire company’s output.  If employers really want to impact their bottom line, I would encourage them to look at their frontline and the relationships that exist. 

On the flip side, I’ve seen employees do things that would make a saint contemplate violence.  There have been countless times where I just shake my head and think, “Oh the Humanity!”

Those relationships will be the focus of this blog.  Real life examples, how to’s and food for thought on relationship building in the workplace.

I have been in Human Resources for over 10 years, in progressive roles across three very different industries. I started my career as a generalist for a footwear retailer where I learned the law and policy/procedure side of HR.  I spent two years specializing in recruiting for the healthcare industry where I learned that very lucritive side of the craft.  The last seven years have been spent with a customer relationship management company where I served as a director for the contact center side of the business.  In May, I was laid off from that job and am taking my time contemplating what to do next.  I received my PHR certification in 2006. 

My role as a director afforded me the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge base, becoming a subject matter expert in HR.  I was involved in all aspects of the employee life cycle, change management and new business/project implementation.

My husband and I live northwest of Chicago and had our first child in January.


5 Responses to “HeR Story”

  1. Stacy Spradling said

    I cannot wait to read your blog. By the way, it took me a while but I finally got the HeR schtick.

  2. Briget said

    I’ve always been fond of girls(women)who break the rules. Keep the blogs coming.

  3. I just had the chance to go through your blog. Some really great points about relationships. I look forward to reading more.

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